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Madelynn's Final Shadow Child Project- Twila Morgan
I feel my video turned out really well. I did think of better things but I either didn't do them or couldn't put them in. Like the right sound effect. If I could do this again I would try to spend my time and even it out a bit so I'm doing someth (More)
Thief Lord Experience (2)
This post is the 2nd post about a trip to a magical land called Venice Italy, not really that magical but the past has features worth cashing out thousands for, this is a project we had to do last year in Mr Hicks' and I liked doing this project so m (More)
The Thief Lord Traveling Website
Here's my Thief Lord Traveling Website. In it you should find locations to visit, many pictures, how much it costs to get to Venice from Cleveland, hotels to stay in, the cost for gondola rides, and more. More)
Thief Lord Exeriecnce
Website  Click on website to see Lizzie, Aubrey, and Olivia's Thief Lord travel website project. (More)
Thief Lord Travel Guide!
Here is A weebly dedicated to the book the Thief lord and to the places in Venice, Italy. Weebly on The Thief Lord (More)
Thief Lord website
This is a 6th grade project I did with 2 other people. It is about the Thief Lord. I hope you enjoy our Thief Lord Website. Enjoy! (More)
Theif lord website
This is a sixth grade project free Reading traveling website.Enjoy!   (More)
Thief Lord Travel Website
This is a travel website basses off of the book, "The Thief Lord." (More)
The Thief Lord Website
This is my website all about the amazing book, The Thief Lord. Click on the link below to check out my website. ⬇ Link! (More)
The Thief Lord Experience
Group Members: Ally, Abby, and I Here, we made a travel website to Venice, so we can take a tour and do everything the kids in The Thief lord did! (More)
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