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Photography Upload #3
Things That Make Noise Macro Kitchen Shadows More)
Photography Upload #2
Transportation Broken and Rusty

Photography Upload #1
Macro Toys [caption id="attachment_224" align="alignnone" width="300"] Water

Self Portrait
This is a self-portrait that I took of one of my classmates. (More)
Photo montage
The image above is the photo montage I have created, gathering images of different scenery, people, places, etc. All of these pieces come together to f (More)
Creative Portraits
Favorite Photo
    For my assignment, I was suppose to take 40 pictures of water. This is my favorite photo out of all my other photos. I took this photo in a parking lot and the rainbow created in the water is caused by the mixture of water and (More)
Reflection #1
This is my edited picture of a strawberry that I took. The homework assignment where I took this was MACRO food. Strawberries are really good and they are one of my favorite foods. This picture was probably the best one I took out of all of them. I k (More)
Photo Montage
landscapes14-2aji1w5 (More)
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