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the Problems in City X
On this new planet people are starting to build a city called City X. The only thing they brought with them was a 3D printer. The (More)
The Finest Hours!
Finest Hours Comic
Adams Problem!
In OA we had to create a product that would help the people of City X. The people of City X only have a 3-D printer to make what they  need.   The (More)
"My Saver"
Helping Others Comic
Barbara's Dome
  City X is a planet far away from earth, and all the people brought only one thing and it was a 3D printer. Barbara’s problem is that they di (More)
City X Wants to Remember Earth
I had to help a City X person with a problem, and my City X person was Tim. Tim’s problem was that they love City X but he misses earth. He wanted to (More)
The Finest Hours Activity
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