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Photograph picture of the week
I like this picture because it has a lot of detail and flavor in the photo. (More)
Week January 30th
This is my favorite picture that I have took this week. I like this because it shows a lot of detail and It looks like a good photo. The End.. (More)
Week 1 photpgraphy
This is my favorite picture that I have took so far. It looks nice and the color really stands out. I always like how its only focused on 1 things. (More)
Photography Pictures
These are two of my favorite pictures I have taken so far, (More)
Week 1 Photography Reflection
Final Project
My favorite project this year was the reaction video I made with Nolan and Jack. It was my favorite project because I got to work with my friends and it was fun to edit. Real world concept is learning what you are doing then perform it. The least (More)
Multimedia Arts Final Project
Stop Motion/ Multimedia Arts Final Project
Multimedia Final Project (More)
Multimedia Arts Final Project
Using stop motion animation the burning of a candle has been documented. (More)
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