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Food Bank/ Food insecurity
I learned that you could be working a full time job but still be considered food insecure. I thought the food bank was pretty cool. It was HUGE. There were massive shelves for all the food. I made sandwiches which was very boring. Afterwards I felt g (More)
Science Fair
Abstract First i’m going to be telling your why this it’s important to me then what I am doing for the project and what we had to do for it. This study is important to me because I want more people to learn about soccer and how to do things in soc (More)
Book Talk Planner & RAFT Assignment
Book Talk Planner (More)
Language Arts Assignments
Campaign Speech In class we had to do a speech since the election was happening. Your supposed persuade students to become class president. There were three steps you had to do in order to complete the project. The first part was to take ea survey (More)
Reading Log
Click here to view my reading log I like this because it is very easy and you have the choi (More)
Sudan project
I think i did this assignment well because, I really understood the directions and I really tried to get a good on project. I also kind of enjoy doing this project. (More)
I finish even though It was hard. I could not think off anything to write about. I can improve on trying to improve how much i wrote in it. (More)
Reading log
reading log I got all my pages read and good enough to get a B+. I read all my ages at the end and that was very ba (More)
RAFT I wrote a lot of good paragraphs and spelled next to nothing wrong. It took me a long time and I made it hard (More)
Language Arts Campaign Speech
Click here to view my speech. We had to write a speech as if we were running for class pres (More)
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