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Myth Writing
“I love the beach, and Max hates it, how are we friends now?” “Dylan do you want to go to the beach” Mom said.  “Of course Mom ”, Dylan said.  “Ok get in the car Dylan.” “Mom i'm going to make a sandcastle can you help me when we get there”. “Of cour (More)
My Myth: Hot Bob vs. Chilly Phil
Climate change decreases crop growth, increases perception, and increases the area burned in wildfires.  Hot Bob a 18 year old boy also known as just Bob is just sitting there in Texas where it is hot and the weather rarely gets cooler. Hoping that s (More)
Social Studies Myth 2016
“Don’t do it! Don’t do it!” Brooklyn said scaredly. “She did it.” Oliver said sounding worried. “ Have you ever even thought about what that could do to you?” Brooklyn told Ashley. “Everyone in the village has it. Why can’t I ?” Ashley res (More)
Brooklyn and The Factory-- A Myth by Georgia
   For social studies we made myths that show real world problems. here is my myth      What would you do for money? One day as Brooklyn was watering her flowers she caught a glimpse of a shiny green stone that was hidden behind th (More)
Mort's Bow
Ashes from the burning village floated down from the smoky air like burnt, black snowflakes and the fire was like that of a hungry dragon, eating away at the burning houses like they were piles of meat. Mort sprinted away from the flames in search of (More)
Billions Of Years Ago
The Cast: Kaley Cuoco-Penny Jim Parsons-Sheldon Cooper Johnny Galecki-Leonard Hofstadter Kunal Nayyar-Raj Koothrappali Simon Helberg-Howard Wolowitz Mayim Bialik-Amy Farrah Fowler Melissa Rauch-Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz Carol Ann (More)
IPhones, Air Pens, and More!!!
The iPhone SE (More)
(Sort Of) Behind the Scenes With Nature and Its Animals Survey Results
Hi! I am going to be giving you a description on our latest assignment in Language Arts, our surveys. First off you needed inspiration, possibly something you like or enjoy doing. I chose the theme of animals since I have liked many different ones si (More)
The Story of Taylor Swift and Her Music
Taylor Swift is an amazing artist. She has plenty of songs that hundreds of thousands can relate their lives to. I love Taylor Swift because she has so many songs that many can relate to, she speaks her mind, and all of her songs have so much feeling (More)
Sudan Research
Sudan Slides I choose to post this for two reasons. One it was hard and that's great because it means I was learning something. Two i (More)
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