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2017 State of the Community Address
I learned a lot from attending this meeting. There were things happening in the city that I did not even know about, including Granis Park. I didn't know that park existed before I attended the meeting.  Mayor Patton and Dr. Wagner talked a lot  abou (More)
Limited Government Assignment
Principles of the constitution project
Presentation: Essay: More)
Please Grade My Stuff (More)
Trial Project 3/22/2017 (More)
Government Assignments
Google docs of completed assignments requested. (More)
Government - State of the Community Address 2017 - Extra Credit
Download the document below, print, and take with you to the State of the Community Address Wednesday night.  Fill the chart out as completely as you can, and write your reflection on your blog.  Turn your chart in on hard copy Thursday, then turn yo (More)
Trial Project
Website: Trial Project (More)
Grinch the Political Monster
Grinch the Political Monster 4pc     Read the plot below:   Plot[edit] More)
“The Embarrassing But Great Thing About Gerrymandering” By: Marcy Kaptur She is embarrassed that her district looks like a snake. She thinks it’s great because she will always have a job.   “The Embarrassing But Great Thing About Ge (More)
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