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Geometry Trig Project
For Geometry, we had to create a word problem for our Trig unit. To solve my word problem, I took the tangent of 5 degrees and multiplied it by 100 to get (More)
City Math Project-Believeland
Believeland has a population of 10,000 it's not the biggest of all cities but it has many different stores and businesses. Our first structure that we have is the bank it has the record for happiest customers and we are very proud to have the best ba (More)
Geometry - Midterm
What I did for this midterm was going over all the things we learned this semester. The test included topics of reflection, dilation, and rotation, lines of symmetry, and triangles and angles. All of this is important because it's all things we can a (More)
Gov Midterm- Pendolino (More)
Geometry reflection
Section 1: In this section, we first learned about inductive reasoning and conjectures. After that, we next learned about point, planes, and lines. Some of the lines we learned about are rays, segments, parallel, and perpendicular lines. Next, we (More)
Geometry First Semester Reflection
During my first semester taking geometry have learned a plethora of new skills. From the Pythagorean theorem to angle bisectors, we discussed many angle pair relations and multiple other things. My favorite skill to have learned would have to be the (More)
Geometry reflection
Nate Brown 8th Period   Nate Brown 8th Period In the first quarter I learned patterns are repeated designs. Inductive reasoning is taking evidence to form a conclusion. A part of this chapter was about points, lines, and planes. A (More)
Geometry Reflection
In geometry this semester we went over a lot of topics and a lot of things. There in all were about 4 chapters in the first semester. In the first we just went over the normal easy things about geometry, like patterns and inductive reasoning. Pattern (More)
Geometry reflection   (More)
Geometry Reflection
This year so far in geometry we have learned a few things. We have learned about inductive reasoning, counterexamples, points, lines and planes, segment addition, the pythagorean theorem and the distance formula. Inductive reasoning is using observat (More)
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