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Literary Analysis Project Reflection
Greek Values in the Odyssey In The Odyssey, Odysseus travels on an amazing journey. Author of the Odyssey, Homer talks about Odysseus and his journey. He has been on this journey for twenty long years. While on this journey, he encounters many dif (More)
Josh Peplin English 9 Ms. Vandrak 27/ 27/17   The  Odyssey In The Odyssey, by Homer, Odysseus had to go through extreme conditions to get exactly what he wanted. Odysseus, the main characters’ heroic story is very interestin (More)
Literary Analysis Project Portfolio Reflection I feel very confident that I did very well on my Literary Analy (More)
Literary Analysis Reflection- Jason Talmadge
I feel like I wrote a strong essay. Greek values were all throughout the book and it was easy to find evidence that backed up my claims. This might have been my best-written essay, even though I did not enjoy reading this epic. The Socratic was a (More)
I thought that my final products were okay. They were good but they could have had more with it. I think that I did good with the seminar but I don't think I did well on the essay. I am not really that proud of the work that I did because I thought t (More)
Literary Analysis Project I quite enjoy How my final project turned out. I expected to do a (More)
Literary Analysis Reflection
I feel like I had written a fairly okay essay, although I did struggle a little. There were places that I could've done better when I look at it, elaborate more on things or make things clear. But overall I realize that doing an essay just improves t (More)
Literary Analysis Project Portfolio Reflection
Reflection 1. I feel like the work I did was pretty good. I feel like my Literary analysis and my Socratic discussion were good.  I am proud of my work but I also feel like I could do some other things to improve my work. There are some areas (More)
Literary Analysis Project refelction
gdI feel very proud of my final products. When it comes to my essay I thought it was very detailed. I thought in my essay I had included good quotes and evidence for my proposals. The second reason why I think I did a good job on the essay was, becau (More)
Literary Analysis Project Reflection
I feel like I did pretty good on the final products. I think I did better on the Socratic Seminar then I did on my essay because I feel like I'm better at talking than I am writing. For the most part, I am proud with my final products but I think (More)
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