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"The Bet"
Lauren FitzGerald Mr. Latkovic English 12 3 October, 2016 “The Bet” When deciding between the death penalty or a lifetime of imprisonment, many moral and ethical questions form in our society. In “The Bet,” Anton Chekhov is hinting th (More)
rewriting history essay
link to essay  This applies to the fairview advantage because you create, investigate, etc. to write this essay. You have to do research on the topic (More)
Hamlet Project
This was a poster board I did on Hamlet. We had to pick a topic from the play and do a poster on it. I chose loyalty because Hamlets mother married her widowed husbands brother. Hamlets uncle killed his dad so he could win Gertrude over. Loyalty is a (More)
English Midterm
  UnWholly   The first thing I did to make my project was to create a chart on how all my objects relate to each other. I then took differen (More)
Pygmalion Essay
Danielle Toorish Mr. Cohan English 12 15 November 2016 Is Change Good or Bad? As people grow into adults, they are not the same as they once were. The same concept is thought ab0ut in The Pygmalion. Children tend to be impolite and imm (More)
Resume's and Cover letters
In English we learned how to create a resume and cover letters for college and jobs we are applying for.  This helps me in the future because it gets me prepare and know how to set it up and what should be included into it.  It has helped me when app (More)
Writing a Check
In Government my Junior year and now English, my Senior year, we learned how to write a check which will help me in the future when I need to write a check for something I have to purchase.  It makes it easier on me so that when I would need to I do (More)
Week In Pictures
  Jesseca Rudman Mr. Cohan English 12 29 August 2016   Mission: Saving Planet Earth   The arctic is cold, desolate, dark and above all dangerous. Alec Johnson has been missing for the past year and six months and n (More)
Future life project
Future life project (More)
Week In Pictures: English 12
http:// (More)
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