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Modest Proposal
Hannah Lutsock Ms. Prior ENGLISH 11, 7 12 January 2017   A Modest Proposal for….. Have you ever spent a night on the streets? Lived out of a trash bag? That all of you belongings were in? Was there a day that you didn't have a (More)
Future Life Chart (More)
Modest Proposal Midterm
Modest Proposal Essay Reflect- I had to reflect the feelings of other humans that is cause by gang violence Inv (More)
The Modest Proposal
The Modest Proposal Essay More)
Future Living Project
Future Living Chart Create- I created a future situation for myself. (Job, Home, etc) Investigate- How to (More)
Future Living Project   In this project, I communicat (More)
Future Life Chart For this chart, I had to COMMUNICATE with others to learn to CREATE a pro (More)
future life chart (More)
English 11- Future Living Project
Future Living Chart I communicated with my teacher and my friends my ideas about what I would have to do for this project. I investigat (More)
Modest Proposal Essay For this project, I had to CREATE a modest proposal, and find a way to IN (More)
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