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English 10 Midterm
For this project we had to we had to create something to present to the class that related to the book that we read (Unwholly). Me and my partners d (More)
English Midterm
In this midterm, Justin, Jordan, and I made a replica of the "graveyard" from the book series UnWholly. We made the graveyard in this game called Minecraft. The graveyard is a place where the unwinds and storks hide from the Juvey Cop. Even thoug (More)
English Midterm
This represents cam. Cam is the "Human" made of 600 different parts of unwinds. He got the best parts from people he was a big part of the story he was par (More)
English 10 Midterm
We chose to make cam because he represents the book unwholly. He represents because Cam is made up of hundreds of unwinds so he is basically what Connor an (More)
English Midterm
Out project was made by getting on every night for 4-5 days to make. The first thing we made was the wall around the Graveyard, then we built the Jets. Afterwards we made expansions to the Graveyard. We added the tent, the Rec Jet, the Study Jet, (More)
English Midterm Project
Our midterm project was to visually design an important part of the book Unwholly. It wasn't allowed to be a power point or a poster board. I think the (More)
English 10 Midterm Project Reflection - Andrew Repasy
For my project, I made a model of the graveyard that depicted many events that occurred in the book, Unwholly. I made my project usin (More)
English Mid-Term
***SPOILER ALERT***  For my midterm project I chose something that defines the book's main problem but also a great         , you have been (More)
English reflection
For this project I picked cam to do cam. He is a "person" that is made up of all different unwind body parts. He is made up of a head and we painted it all (More)
English Midterm
This was our midterm about un Wholly this was one of the places in the book called the graveyard. (More)
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