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Tech Team Reflection Q3
I made this sign for the academic challenge team. We hang the sign on our table when we are doing the challenges. It took some problem solving to figure out how to focus the laser cutter because the wood was not flat. I decided that if I focu (More)
Tech Team Reflection
While I was in the Innovation Center I mostly helped out whenever someone needed help. I learned a lot of new things about my blog by helping the other students that stay with us. At times, I also helped deliver computers to the students that needed (More)
Standardized Testing Debate
During the debate heard the pros and cons of standardized testing. I learned that standardized tests are meant to compare students to others nationwide. These tests allow different racial groups to be compared. The test also allows teachers and schoo (More)
The Finest Hours!
The Unknown City
City X is an unknown planet all they have  is a 3d Printer. sheThe character I had was Alessia her problem I had to solve was she had to get across a (More)
Life Saver
"My Saver"
Barbara's Dome
  City X is a planet far away from earth, and all the people brought only one thing and it was a 3D printer. Barbara’s problem is that they di (More)
Living on one dollar
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