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Journaling the ancient world with Amalea
click here to learn all about my Journalings through ancient worlds (More)
The Invention For a Life Time
In this project I help build a city on the new planet,City X.The people from City x needed our help with some problems,all they have is a 3D printer that will help them make our inventions that will help them. My person needed help with building (More)
A Letter For Arber
Dear younger self in 3rd grade, school is very tough but it's also really fun and try to make a lest one friend on the playground, but be cearfull of what friend you make because when you see a kid and looks nice, but he might be a relly bad kid w (More)
My Favorite Artwork(s) For Second Quarter
For the Polar Express drawings I have never been a fan of charcoal and I'm not the best at using it (More)
This is my favorite project. I think I did pretty well with my cupcake painting. I like the icing and the toppings on the cupcake. I also like how I painted the walls to look like a painting and not a picture. The last reason why this is my favorite (More)
Before and After Self Portraits
My favorite part of this artwork was learning how to draw eyes, hair, and mouth. I liked that because the first time I tried to (More)
My Self Portraits
The eyes are my favorite because they were fun and easy to make. The hair and the head were really hard for me. I like the (More)
Welcome to my site 🙂
This is my school portfolio. I hope you enjoy. (More)
History day :+)
Bernie Mac history day project By Zach Wilson The early life, the struggles, the fame all those things in 5 paragraphs today you will be learning about (More)
In science class we had to creat a thing link about see all the facts just press on the picture. I hope you enjoy my thing link about photosynthesis. (More)
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