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Democracy in Action
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Standardized Testing Debate
During the debate heard the pros and cons of standardized testing. I learned that standardized tests are meant to compare students to others nationwide. These tests allow different racial groups to be compared. The test also allows teachers and schoo (More)
     Throughout this debate I learned about several laws and government regulations that I previously did not know about. For some specifics I learned that gun control is regulated at the state level and that the federal government really has no cont (More)
Debate Reflection
In our government class, we were to debate on various topics. The topic that I had debated in class was whether or not standardized tests should continue to be used in schools. In this case, I was on the side of keeping standardized tests in the publ (More)
Public Policy Debate Reflection
Today in government, the issue of standardized tests and their worth in schools was debated. One team argued for the use of standardized tests in schools, while the other argued for the elimination of their usage. Both sides made very good arguments (More)
Ap Gov Public Policy Debate Reflection
Today in AP government, half of the class discussed and debated about standardized tests, specifically their effectiveness and continued use. I was on the pro side, arguing that standardized tests have their merits and use, to the point that they sho (More)
Miller - AP Government Public Policy Debate Reflection
Today in AP Government, our class debated the use and the effectiveness of standardized testing in schools.  I was on the con side, where I argued that standardized testing is negative for schools and its use should not be continued.  I also listened (More)
AP Government Public Policy Debate Reflection
On Wednesday, we did a debate in AP Government about the death penalty. I was on the con death penalty side. There was a lot of good point brought up throughout the debate, and I thought that the teams and their points were pretty equal. I learned a (More)
Debate Reflection
What I learned from this debate was that the chemicals they use to put the death penalty prisoners to death was actually illegal in many different countries around the world. I also learned a lot of facts and opinions about the death penalty that I d (More)
Debate Reflection - Con Guns
While researching, I gathered information that brought in both sides of the argument, so I could both prepare my own opinion on the subject, and be ready for potential standout points that the opposition would make. I improved on my skills of being a (More)
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