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Debate Reflection
Today in class we debated standardized testing. There was a pro and a con side but I was on the con side. Being on the con sized I argued that standardized testing needed to be eliminated. The pro side argued that standardized testing was necessary f (More)
AP Gov Pro Test Debate
I learned many things in this debate through both if the different topics talked about. The topic I learned the most about was the one I was involved in which was standardized tests. I learned a lot of facts on the pros as well as the cons of them. T (More)
AP Gov Public Policy Debate
This debate was on gun control and the use of private arms. I was on the side of control. This debate was another experience for me to improve my debating and research skills. Over the past few debates I have done in this class, this one was the most (More)
AP Gov Public Policy Debate
My debate was about standardized tests and whether they should still be used and I was on the pro the tests. By doing his debate I learned a lot about what the positives and negatives of taking these tests are. Some of the specific things I learned a (More)
AP Gov Gun Debate
The issue of guns was debated today in government class with about 5 students arguing on each side. Throughout the argument, both sides presented good points with supportive statistics to back up those ideas and support their argument. Overall, howev (More)
AP Government Debate Reflection
Through this debate, I got to learn many more facts and data based on the idea of gun legalization behind the second amendment. First, I found the idea of finding supporting bullet points for BOTH sides of the debate was a great idea. Being able to s (More)
Debate Reflection (More)
Q3 Dem. In Action (More)
Youth in Government Reflection
We heard many people speak, including Mayor Patton, the police and fire chiefs, and two school board members. Mayor Patton is the mayor of Fairview Park. The police and fire chiefs are the heads of the police and fire department. One of the sc (More)
Youth in Gov Reflection
In this presentation, we heard many people talk. They were many important people as well will different values towards the city. We heard the mayor talk, Kevin Lynch who is an AT&T representative, the fire chief Raffin, and officer Upperman. Thes (More)
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