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Algebra 2 4-square Quadratic Activity
    What did you notice about the solutions of the equation, regardless of the method used to solve? All of the solutions in each of the four methods tu (More)
Algebra 2 Trig 4-Square Quadratic Activity
I noticed that all of the solutions had the same numbers in them. The numbers correlate with the graph because the points are the numbers of the solutions. (More)
Algebra 2 Midterm Reflection
2) System of Linear Inequalities One example of what you could do that wouldn't make sense is you you bought 6 2 liters of Pepsi, and no food that would be a terrible party. Another example could be if you bought 6 bags of chips and no pop that wo (More)
alg2 midterm
For the party the way I go about not making sense i would buy 5 bags of chips and no drinks. They do not equal each other out at all. Everyone would have food but no drinks. i could also buy 10 2 liters of drinks and no food. which would not make sen (More)
Algebra 2 reflection
If im throwing a party and i wanted to stay under 20 dollars. I would want to get food that would be good for both drinks and chips. I wont want to do to the store and get 8 2 liters of pop and not have any chips.  I wont want to buy 5 bags of chips (More)
Algebra 2 Midterm
Word Problem Reflections: Scatterplots/Line of best fit      This equation was able to predict the price of gas accurately because it was close to today's prices. My value that I got was $2.26. The prices that I saw on the website www.cleve (More)
Algebra 2 Midterm
The gas from question one does decline over the time and days that are passed. On the west site the gas also shows the decline over the days that passed. The difference is the numbers. They are not really the same and have no relation. The only thing (More)
Alg2 Refletion
Will one solution that won't work well be if he had to carry more than 8 and the other will be less than 8.Both of these will not make sense because if he had less he wouldn't have enough food for all of the people coming.And if he had more than 8 wi (More)
Algebra 2 Midterm
2. An example of a solution that doesn't make sense would be x=1 and y=1 because why would you buy only one of each and not just get the exact amount of items with the left over money you have. Another example would be getting only 8 bags of chips or (More)
Algebra Midterm Reflection
The first problem I chose to do involved gas prices and scatter plots.  I had to find an equation that can help predict the price of gas today and on January 31st. We also had to find the correlation of the prices on the scatter plot. Comparing the p (More)
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