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cognitive skills portfolio project (More)
End of semester project- Algebra 1
Video 1- Video 2- Video 3 - part 1- part 2 - (More)
Semester One Cognitive Skills Project
Since I didn't do a video, I took pictures of my work and wrote out the steps of how I solved them.  <--Problem 1 More)
Portfolio Post for Algebra 1 My first problem goes along with the modeling cognitive skill. In the problem, I am identifying components of a concept to solve it. For my second problem, the cognitive skill that follows is the justifying/constructin (More)
Cognitive Skills Portfolio Post
1. Video 1 link-   2. Video 2 link-   3. Video 3 link-More)
Algebra edits
  For part c of number 1 I used Sofia solution. I used her solution because I knew it would work bec (More)
Performance Task Corrections
I know that you plug in 25 into "R of n" because you're plugging it in the answer. If it was r(25) you would be plugging it in for n. 2. I know that my correction is correct for number 9 because if f(1)=4 means 4 is the first term and in the se (More)
Performance Task (answer explanations)
1b) I had to write a recursive formula and I plugged in a 2 for the common difference. 6) I did 2/3 x 12 and got 8 and then I added 3 and got 11. 9) I plugged in the initial term and the ratio. 7) I made an equation to show how you can find (More)
Performance Task for Sequences
I had to correct six problems all together so for 2c. I just forgot to put a minus sign instead I put a plus sign so I fixed that. For letter C I just needed to add more information so you would just plug 25 in for r(n). Then for 3b. I just did the m (More)
Cable Companies
For this worksheet we had to find out what cable company is the best to use. First we had to find out how much a year that both cabl (More)
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