Holocaust Photograph Webquest

Recently in our English class, we read a portion of the Diary of Anne Frank. Written in the same style as the playset from Broadway, students volunteered to read specific parts of the diary, myself being the narrator. Through this project, we were able to see actual photographs taken from those times, as well as some modern day pictures of the same places. It was interesting to look through the images, and to see how conditions really were. Here you can view the galleries of images, and here you can view my responses to four of those pictures.

Expansion and Conflict Group Project

You can view our website here.

For this group project, I believe the most important piece of information to take away is the desire of the United States to expand. The country overcame any issue that they faced head-on, and used that passion to gain land all the way to the Pacific Ocean. I believe this because a large part of our American history is based off of these events that took place while achieving the Manifest Destiny. One thing I believe I did well on in this project is managing my time well. I completed all my tasks within time, and I didn’t have to rush at the last minute to complete my portion of the project. However, on thing I could’ve improved on is including more detail, and generally more information into my tasks, specifically task three. Despite that, I think I completed this project well, and I enjoyed working with my group to accomplish it.

Photography Reflection Week Two

These are my top 3 edited photos of reflections, vintage, and “things that make noise,” our photo assignments for this week. The fourth photo is our Picasso-inspired portrait, in which we took pictures of ourselves from different angles, and overlapped them to create a bizarre portrait, as well as changing color and brightness of the edited features. To be clear, my laptop and Gameboy Advances are for things that make noise, and the Gameboy Pocket for vintage. Finally, there is the reflection photo. With that photo, the sun was perfectly aligned with the tree in my front yard, and the photo was taken off the side-mirror of my mom’s truck. I’m pleased with my work on edited photos, however there is some possible improvement on my portrait.

Photography Reflection 2/10/17

This week, my two favorite edited photos were the ones shown above. Personally, I prefer the one of trees, and I’m glad that it turned out so well. With the warm yellow-white of the floor on the right photo (before). I decided to expand with that and increase the temperature for that picture. The rule of thirds applies to both of these, however the focus in the trees was over the whole picture, whereas the chip in the floor was in focus on the right photo.

Photography Reflection

These past two weeks in photography, we’ve already taken over 150 pictures to edit. While we don’t edit all of them, we use our knowledge of making photos look interesting to produce a final product of some of our pictures. Below is one example, and probably my best so far, of a picture with the topic “water.” By making the focal point (in this case all the water) off-center just a little bit, it makes the picture more interesting since it is purposefully off.


Debate Reflection

For our 8th Grade English class, we read the book “BOMB” by Steve Sheinkin. It’s a nonfiction book about the long story of World War II, and more specifically of the building of the atomic bomb, hence the title. Theodore “Ted” Hall made the decision to share information about the creation of the atomic bomb with the Soviets. For this, while he was never taken into custody as there was little evidence against him, he is called a traitor of America. As a project to end our discussion of the book, our class was split into two groups: one group who agreed with Ted Hall’s decision to share information, and one group who disagreed. I was on the agreement side. Throughout the debate, I believe that both groups gave great points (with great closings/rebuttals). In the end, my side won, however it was close and I believe that the other team presented their information well, but a bit quickly. Overall, I enjoyed doing this debate even though the project was a bit rushed.

First Semester Review

It’s almost been a semester of my 8th Grade year. Within this reflection, I will talk about all of the things I’ve learned so far in Honors Geometry. We started the year with the basics of Geometry, which included Patterns and Inductive Reasoning, where we found patterns in numbers and expressions. For the rest of this unit, we delved into lines, segments, angles, and things we can do with and to them.

In Unit Two, we used our knowledge of lines and talked about parallel and perpendicular lines, in which we used those to complete simple proofs. For the rest of this unit, we discussed parallel lines and proving them congruent, as well as using a transversal with parallel lines to compare corresponding, alternate interior, alternate exterior, consecutive interior, and consecutive exterior angles. This was definitely a very fun few sections to learn, and I still enjoy using them in our proofs in our previous section, which I will cover below, but these sections were not my favorite.

In Unit Three, although I struggled to grasp the concept at first, I have grown to like transformations. Isometric or not, I enjoyed performing the transformations, between reflections, rotations, translations, and dilations (and stretches too, although we only briefly discussed these). Dilations were my favorite of the four, especially when the dilation was centered around the origin, which made for easy and entertaining dilation. I did enjoy transformations as a whole, but it was still not my favorite.

At the beginning of Unit Four, we discussed angles, (specifically of triangles), but I still enjoyed Unit Three more, at that point. As the unit went on, I found myself enjoying proofs. We learned to prove triangles congruent, and ended the unit with CPCTC (Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles are Congruent). This unit turned out to be my favorite so far, and I’m hoping the concept will return sometime soon.

Lastly, there’s Unit Five. Within this unit, we started with constructions. We learned to bisect angles, as well as how to find the midpoint of a segment, construct perpendicular lines, and a few other tricks, like copying angles. This unit to this point has been my least favorite so far. I find myself struggling with the compass, which is generally a nuisance to use. To conclude, I have enjoyed Honors Geometry so far this year, and I’m ready for second semester to begin.