All what I do in my life – Aaden

All about what I enjoy doing. There is a lot of things that I enjoy doing and I think are fun. It is 2017 this year I am nine years old. I enjoy skateboarding that is something that I do all the time. Oh wait I forgot to tell you my name my name is Aaden. Like I said I skateboard and I’ve been trying this trick where I stand low on my board Ollie turn in the air on my Ollie then land standing low on my board but I just fall on my back. I do sleep a lot on weekends most of the times I will just sleep during the day and stay up all night but that’s just on Friday and Saturday. Then when I wake up I would go play my online games. I am a gamer I game a lot if I’m not outside. One of my favorite games is skate 3 because I skate and it teaches me new tricks. Now what I told you about skating I also mountain bike a lot I can only bunny hop and manual on it. I also BMX same thing only manuals bunny hops and drop ins. But wait the list goes on I scooter ride I can bunny hop j hop and bar spin. One time me and my friends had a game of scoot I won and a game of scoot is if you do a trick if you fail you get a letter if you don’t fail you don’t get a letter first one to spell scoot I made it to sco and he got a scoot. I love nature I love hikes mountain bike trails. I don’t do that much indoor stuff besides gameplay videos and school I’m always outside. Some stuff when it rains what I do is flips, play my computer, sink my boats because I’m into sinking boats I build them with logos get a bucket of water put coins in the boat so they sink faster. I also build stuff if I find wood in my backyard I will try and build something I’m working on building a chair right now. I have all the pieces of wood for the chair it’s just I have to take the nails out of them. That is what I do in my life.
This project I did was me talking about what I do in my life and a update on a scooter I can now do 360 spins and also stuff I do indoors and outdoors.  I learned that it is a big deal to edit your writing because I spelled a lot of words wrong so I know to edit now.  I would change some of my words that I used to better words instead of like, I went to a park so better stronger words.

Ohio Map


The activity was about us knowing where we put stuff on the map and we have to know where they are located on a Ohio map. We were allowed to use any app we want for this to like I used safari and google maps. I learned some stuff like were is Lake Erie and Lake Erie is located in the top right corner outside of the map. I would probably change how I made my map because it was scribbled where it should be straight. Or I will change where I put Lake Erie its in the right spot it’s just it has to be flipped outside of the map.

Igneous rocks

Igneous rocks. We started reading books about our type of rock. Then after that we started to collaborate on explain everything. The names of everyone in our group is, the host Hayley, and the rest of the people in our group is, Aaden, Aniyah, and Emmett.
We created a project on igneous rocks. I was focused on this project getting it done and thinking of my facts that I wrote down. First we used epic and then we moved into our explain everything. I did enjoy this project because we got to pick what rock we did. I would change nothing about this project.

City hall




The field trip to city hall. We took bus to city hall. I learned in the back a police car that the seats are plastic because there easier to clean like if they throw up and there is no where to hide stuff from the police. I also learned the difference from a fire truck and a fire engine the engine doesn’t have a latter on top a fire truck does. In the senior center that I thought all you do is play poker there is a lot more stuff to do they even have a wii like they have a art room they can watch movies some of the movies we do not even know the only movie I knew was wizard of oz. We went in the female jail cell but we did not go into the male jail cell. I was scared because on the door they scratched stuff on the door. I did not know the fire department is apart of the paramedics. City hall was fun for all those reasons.

The Turtle and The Elephant

The turtle and the elephant blog reflection. The two characters were the turtle and the elephant in the fable. Our group created a fable. The name of the fable is The Turtle and the Elephant. The skill I was focused on was getting the project done and learning about fables and quotations. We used three apps and the three apps were docs, strip design and then when we were done making our comic for the fable we moved on to Explain Everything. I did enjoy this project because we got to collaborate and learn about fables. The thing I would change about this project is nothing I liked everything about this project also because we learned about fables and quotations. That is about the turtle and the elephant blog reflection.

Science showcase


Stuff about the science showcase project. The science showcase project was about teaching to students and parents about science.
It goes along with matter and I was talking about a solid and a liquid and gas.

All the materials that I needed were some stickers, trim fold board, markers, glue, and tape and also some colored paper I might have used some more stuff to create it but the other stuff I just can’t remember what the rest of the stuff I used. I was trying to teach about matter. I was teaching about volume because if you put water in a can it will take the shape of its can.

I was also talking about the three phrases of matter.

Area and Perimeter Centers 2









Theses are the two days that we worked on area and perimeter in other classrooms. On day one we worked on area and then perimeter and area and then just perimeter. On day two we did area and then perimeter and area and then just perimeter. We did area robots which we did first and what we did was on a grid paper

Zoo trip




This is my day at the zoo. We went on march 22, 2017. It was very cold out we were out side and we were in the rainforest. I did not like to be outside because it was very cold. The animals that I saw were the seals, tigers, elephants, giraffes and bears and more animals the animals that I did not see but I wanted to see was Venus fly trap, ocelot, and more but I can’t remember any more. At the zoo inside at the elephants place there was a scale where a bunch of people got on and try to weigh as much as elephants. We felt elephants skin in the elephant place and it fills rubbery. That was our class day at the Zoo.

I’m An Expert On Ireland


For this project we created a project on Ireland and my group was sports so we created our Ireland project on sports with Ms.Gallagher’s class. The skill we were focusing on the Ireland project and the trifold board. Our two main sports we were focused on was Gaelic football and hurling. What we used to get our information was from safari and we got most of our information from books about Gaelic football and hurling. We did not work together at first but then we started working together and when we did our trifold board we didn’t collaborate but then after we started working together again. I did enjoy this project I enjoyed this project because sense Ireland day was coming so I picked sports to learn about it. I would change nothing about this project because I think in my own opinion that this project was a good. In this project I collaborated with four other group members in my group.