Zoo trip




This is my day at the zoo. We went on march 22, 2017. It was very cold out we were out side and we were in the rainforest. I did not like to be outside because it was very cold. The animals that I saw were the seals, tigers, elephants, giraffes and bears and more animals the animals that I did not see but I wanted to see was Venus fly trap, ocelot, and more but I can’t remember any more. At the zoo inside at the elephants place there was a scale where a bunch of people got on and try to weigh as much as elephants. We felt elephants skin in the elephant place and it fills rubbery. That was our class day at the Zoo.

I’m An Expert On Ireland


For this project we created a project on Ireland and my group was sports so we created our Ireland project on sports with Ms.Gallagher’s class. The skill we were focusing on the Ireland project and the trifold board. Our two main sports we were focused on was Gaelic football and hurling. What we used to get our information was from safari and we got most of our information from books about Gaelic football and hurling. We did not work together at first but then we started working together and when we did our trifold board we didn’t collaborate but then after we started working together again. I did enjoy this project I enjoyed this project because sense Ireland day was coming so I picked sports to learn about it. I would change nothing about this project because I think in my own opinion that this project was a good. In this project I collaborated with four other group members in my group.

Animal adaptation

I created a vocabulary project on animals adaptations. The skill I was focusing on was learning new definitions about animal adaptations. I used the app thing link for the project and I also used google to find pictures for my vocabulary words. I did enjoy this project because I like animals a lot. I like to learn how they adapt to survive in the cold and how they survive when it’s hot. I would not change anything about this project because this project had lots of new animals that I never heard about and I get to learn about animals and how they survive. That is what I created for animals adaptations.

James Madison

All about James Madison. This year he is 257. He is the 4th president of the United States. He was born on July 7 1922. He died December 29 1936. He is referred to the father of conversation. He had 122 votes in 1808 and he got 128 votes is 1812. That is what I learned about James Madison.

Hydro power

We created a project on energy and we got hydro power. I was focused on getting my project done and I did not rush I just took my time sometimes I was reading fast but I also read slow. I used the app explain everything and epic books. Enjoyed the project because I like the app epic books and I also like hydro power or water power. I will Change nothing about this project.

School Year Round

In my opinion is yes we should have School Year Round for many reasons. My first reason is I can learn how to do math like I probably will not know how to carry and stuff. Another reason is I will not know how to anything but at school I learn stuff so I can be smart. My last reason is I can learn how to do math so I will be smarter. In conclusion,is yes because I learn how to barrow and more fun math.


Favorite Season

My favorite season is winter over all of the other season. The first reason why I like winter is Christmas I see boxes with fancy paper. I enjoy getting presents and spending time with my family I see my mom and dad,grandmas. My second reason I like the winter is I can stay inside,sleep,watch tv,play my tablet I fell the case of my tablet and the screen I will see the tv screen and I will fill my mattresses and wen I stay inside I will be staying warm and play my PlayStation2. My third reason why I like winter is because of the snow I fell the very cold snow and get snow in my eyes. I can have snow ball fights, jump in the snow and sledding. That is why I like winter the best.





We did a project on the ozobots. I was focused on getting to the day were the ozobot would be on the iPad. I used the app ozobots. I enjoyed this project because I got to draw panthers for the ozobot to read. I will change nothing about the project.


I created this on matter. I was focused on getting it done and I was rushing a little bit. I used the app iMovie for the project on matter. I enjoyed this project because we got to pick a app to use like I picked iMovie. I would change nothing.