Facts about the cuscus

Facts about cuscus
One fact about the cuscus is it has strong toes to grip on to trees better so it won’t fall off. Another fact about the cuscus is the Female has a pouch to carry their young. Another fact that about the cuscus is that it is a herbivore. A cuscuses predators are snakes humans and large birds. When scientists first discovered the cuscus they thought it was a type of monkey.

A sad fact about the cuscus is that it has habitat loss and it is getting extinct.
The cuscus live in jungle or a forest type. A cuscus can also live in Australia or Africa.
I don’t know a lot about the cuscus though.

That is all of the facts about the cuscus that I know so hope you enjoyed my three pharaohs about the cuscus I will write more facts in a different day.


I gave my ozbot a code from the computer lab. I saw what codes to do from my iPad. I picked four codes four my ozbot. They are color codes. We did this project to learn about coding. I felt good about coding the ozobots with my classmates.